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Made to Worship: Scratch the Itch

Jun 27, 2022

We’re wrapping up our June series at VFC: Made to Worship! Alexa Jones shared part 1 of the series with her message Spirit + Truth and Pastor Eric Jones brought the word in part 2 with At All Times. Pastor Beth Jones delivers the final message in our series as we close out the month with a better understanding and appreciation for who we worship, why we worship, and how we worship. 

Pastor Beth’s message, Scratch the Itch, may seem a bit funny at first, but how relatable this concept is to all of us! You know how it is, when you get a tickle in your nose or a spontaneous itch in between your shoulder blades…you just gotta scratch that itch! We all experience physical itches from time to time, but we also all experience a spiritual itch within our souls. Unlike the tickly itch on our backs, the way to scratch a spiritual itch is worship

We’re diving into the 103rd chapter of Psalms for our foundational passage and discovering now only what a...

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Made to Worship: At All Times

Jun 13, 2022

We’re moving right along through our June series: Made to Worship! In part 1 of the series, Alexa Jones highlighted the importance of worshiping in spirit and in truth. If you missed her message, click here to watch the replay! She reminded us of what it really means to be made to worship. 

In part 2 of the series, Pastor Eric Jones teaches us how, as followers of Jesus, we can (and should!) worship God At All Times. He kicks off his message with two personal stories that illuminate the fascination and awe we have the joy of experiencing when we witness and behold wonders of the world we haven’t yet seen before.

Isn’t it funny how beautiful, miraculous, awe-inspiring sights and experiences become commonplace to us after time? A child flying in a plane for the first time sees the world in ways we forget to appreciate. A friend awestruck at the sight of Lake Michigan really puts into perspective for us how much we lose appreciation for wonders we have the...

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Made to Worship: Spirit + Truth

Jun 06, 2022

We’re jumping into a new series here at VFC for the entire month of June: Made to Worship. Throughout this summer series, we’re covering why we worship, how we worship, and who we worship as we discover fundamental truths about this aspect of our life-long commitment to and relationship with God. We were made to worship, friends!

This week, Alexa Jones shared an insightful word that highlights what it really means to worship God as we were designed to do. In her message Spirit + Truth, we learn how God wants to be worshiped as He reveals His desires to us through His Word.

Worship is when we gather together in church and we sing to worship God on Sunday mornings. But worship is also so much more than that!! And that’s exactly what we’re covering today in Spirit + Truth

Discovering God’s Desires

Alexa kicks off her message by highlighting the details of Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages and shares a must-hear personal story from...

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