Check out what's on the horizon.

Take a look at the upcoming and recurring events at Valley Family Church for the whole family. We would love for you to join us!


The Cutting Room Floor Podcast | Tuesdays

The ‚Äúcutting room floor‚ÄĚ of a Sunday sermon is filled with hours of content that goes unheard. Join us as we take what‚Äôs taught on Sunday‚Äôs and ‚Äúselah‚ÄĚ long enough to help us work what was preached into every day of the week. Register¬†for our weekly newsletter, with the podcast included,¬†on the homepage! You can find "The Cutting Room Floor Podcast" wherever you listen --¬†new episodes drop every Tuesday!


Heart for the House Offering | Annual 2024

God has set up His church so that the people of God would support the work of God. One of the ways that we support the work of God is through our financial giving to the one thing Jesus said He is building: His Church! The Church is the hope of the world and His chosen vessel to share the Gospel message. Together, our generosity can help tell the story that God is writing in and through all of us as we give sacrificially. 


Love Week | July 30 - August 1, 2024

Love Week is back! We’re taking what we do every Tuesday night at Valley Groceries and going mobile to serve the communities of Vicksburg, Paw Paw, and Kalamazoo from July 30 to August 1 with free groceries, back-to-school backpacks, diapers, formula, and stuffed animals. Get involved by serving on site or making a financial gift to help make Love Week happen!


Party in the Park | August 14, 2024

Join us Wednesday, August 14 from 2-4pm at Lakeview Park in Portage. We'll enjoy root beer floats, the playground, and meeting other families and friends. Kids ages 11 and under (and their parents) are welcome and this event is free! This is a great opportunity for kids and parents to make new friends and build community. Kidamazoo Junior and Kidamazoo Studios - we can't wait to see you there!


Gilmore Car Museum | August 17, 2024

Encore Seniors is closing out summer with a trip to Gilmore Car Museum! Encore Seniors is a ministry designed for everyone over 60 years of age. We host five annual events centered around community as we gather with friends, new and old! If you are 60 and over but your spouse is not, your spouse is also invited! Register by August 10 so that we can prepare for you. Let's have some fun!


The Men's Assembly | August 23, 2024

VALLEY MEN! We are so excited to introduce Valley Men into the heartbeat of our church! This summer we are hosting a brand new gathering: The Valley Men's Assembly. This free, one-night gathering is geared for high school and above and is purposed for the men of our church to rally together in community, encouragement, and purpose. Get signed up and join us on Friday, August 23 at 7pm at the Cathedral.


Water Baptisms, South Haven | August 25, 2024

Water baptism is an outward expression of an internal decision made to follow Jesus. It is a public declaration of a life dead to sin and raised to life! If you acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Savior and have yet to be water baptized, take your next step through water baptism on Sunday, August 25 in South Haven. Register by Wednesday, August 21. We can't wait to celebrate with you!


VGroups | Fall Launch | September, 2024

God created us to thrive within community. At Valley, church isn't just about Sundays, it's about doing life together, and that's why we offer VGroups, which are our version of small groups. We have four different types of groups: message groups, discipleship groups, interest groups and prayer groups. Get planted in community during our fall launch! Register by September 8, 2024.


Recurring Events at VFC

Check out the events that are going on regularly at VFC!

  • Sunday Services¬†- Join us every Sunday for our weekly church services.
  • Valley Starting Point¬†-¬†July 28¬†immediately following our last church service. Click¬†below to register.¬†
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