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How To Behold Jesus

Dec 21, 2021




  1. see or observe (a thing or person, especially a remarkable or impressive one).

When was the last time you said, “Behold!”? It’s not a word we use much any more. Today, we use expressions like, “Hey, look at that!” or “Wow!” Each of these phrases express the emotion surrounding a spectacular event. 

The word “behold” perfectly describes the reaction we have in recognizing Jesus Christ, especially during the season of His birth. We see and observe a person, Jesus, who is especially remarkable and impressive. He is the most remarkable and impressive man to ever walk the face of the earth! Christmas is meant to be a “Wow Season” for all of us as we behold the Newborn King. 

In VFC’s Christmas message, Pastor Jeff reminisces on Wow Seasons throughout his life including childhood memories from Christmas morning, a trip to New Zealand, and the wedding days of his daughters, to...

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