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Mind Games: Conversations on Mental Health

Aug 01, 2022

Our July mini-series–Mind Games–has come to an end! In Part 1 of the series, guest speaker Pastor Patrick Norris delivered an empowering message filled with strategies for managing stress, panic, depression, and anger. We discovered the importance of understanding the triad of mental health and human flourishing and also learned protocols for taking the best possible care of each of the 3 primary areas of our lives: soul + spirit, mind + body, and social + interpersonal. Be sure to watch the replay and read the blog post for all the wisdom and truth he shared on that subject! 

Following Part 1, members of our church sent in questions surrounding mental health and wellness for Pastor Patrick to answer and in Conversations on Mental Health, he did just that! We’re diving into more of the wisdom and knowledge he deposited into our church this month and you’ll also find an in-depth compilation of resources available to further help us along our journey...

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Mind Games: Strategies for Managing Anxiety, Panic, Depression, and Anger

Jul 25, 2022

We’re kicking off a brand new summer mini-series here at VFC! Pastor Patrick Norris is bringing us 2 weeks of  Mind Games. Throughout this series, we’re coming around the topic of God’s plan for our mental health as we discover the connections between each of these areas of our lives: spirit + soul, brain + body, and interpersonal + social.

In Part 1 of the series, Pastor Patrick shared an empowering, thought-provoking word that provided us with functional, effective strategies for managing anxiety, panic, depression, and anger in alignment with God’s Word and intentions for our lives. In the beginning of his message, Pastor Patrick shares a testimony of the goodness of God as it pertains to both his mental and physical health that not only sets the stage for what’s to come, but also relates to many of us on a personal level.

We’re encouraged to truly, honestly reflect on this question: How are you? We all have emotional and mental highs and...

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