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The Unexpected King

Apr 11, 2022

On Palm Sunday, we kicked off Holy Week with Part 6 of The Biography of Jesus series. In addition to the comforting, inspiring word that Eric Jones shared, we were also blessed by a group reading of The Donkey that No One Could Ride and we received a visit from the most surprising guest! 

In The Unexpected King, we discover 3 symbols of Palm Sunday that expand our understanding and appreciation of who Jesus is to us and to the world. As we approach Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we’re exploring the unexpected, overwhelming peace, love, and sacrifice of Christ Jesus.

Holy Week is filled with drama and tension. There were moments of laughter and great happiness, but also moments of pain and sadness. We’re taking a deep dive into the story of Palm Sunday and considering what took place during the final week of Jesus’ life on Earth. Throughout the week, we see amazing, unexpected moments that reveal truths about our unexpected King. 

Jesus: The Unexpected...

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The Good Shepherd

Apr 04, 2022

In Part 5 of our Biography of Jesus series, Pastor April Wedel brings a word of encouragement as she teaches on Jesus as the Good Shepherd. She begins with a powerful metaphor that helps us understand our absolute need for a guide–a shepherd–in our lives. 

Pastor April reflects on a trip she and her mom, along with other VFC members, took to Israel where they walked where Jesus walked and prayed where Jesus prayed. One of the things she appreciated most was that the trip was a fully guided tour. 

She didn’t experience any anxiety or stress or fear. She wasn’t at all concerned because she knew every destination had a guide and the guide had a plan. The guide cared enough about the safety and needs of the group to ensure their wellbeing. The guide took the group to places that they never would have seen on their own and the group was able to experience more than would have been possible otherwise. 

In our lives, Jesus is our guide! In Jesus the...

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The Lion of The Tribe of Judah

Mar 29, 2022

In part 4 of our March and April series, The Biography of Jesus, Pastor Jeff brings an encouraging word that’s packed full of foundational scriptures that support 11 reasons to follow Jesus. Beginning with some insightful perspective, Pastor Jeff reminds us that when we’re seeking answers in life, the way to connect with the author of life is to have a relationship with the Creator of life itself. 

As sinners, it’s not church that we need to seek; it’s a relationship with God. In John 14:6 (NLT) Jesus reminds us, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me. He is all we need! As if that’s not reason enough to follow Jesus, Pastor Jeff details nearly a dozen additional reasons to pursue Him throughout his message, Jesus the Lion


What reasons do you have personally for following Jesus? 

Have you ever sought to discover your purpose outside of God? 

How did a...

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The Lamb of God

Mar 21, 2022

In part 3 of The Biography of Jesus series, Pastor Beth Jones brings an uplifting word that highlights Jesus as the Lamb of God. Her message emphasizes The Gospel and encourages us to stand firm in who God has created us to be as born again Christians. We have been given a new nature in Him! 

Jesus the Lamb is filled with foundational scriptures, pivotal details about who Jesus is, and life lessons for us all as we uncover the gift of righteousness given to us by the blood of the Lamb. As we continue to explore and get to know Jesus through hearing, reading, and consuming the Word, let’s listen, read, and consume with our hearts so that this revelation knowledge becomes part of our spiritual DNA, our belief system, as we passionately pursue Jesus Christ daily. 

We’re answering two big questions: 

Who is Jesus the Lamb and what did He do for us?

What is our response and how does it change our lives?

Righteousness Revelation

Oftentimes, we feel a disconnect...

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The Bread of Life

Mar 15, 2022

In part 2 of our March series, The Biography of Jesus, we’re joined by guest speaker Pastor Joe Cameneti Jr. from Believers Church in Ohio. He brings us an encouraging word as we continue to discover more about who Jesus really is and how we can come to know Him more fully. 

Pastor Joe sets the stage for his message with a question: Have you ever had someone confuse you for someone else? Has someone thought you are somebody that you’re not? 

In his message, The Bread of Life, at timestamp 3:17, Pastor Joe shares a hilarious story relating a time when his answer to that question was a resounding “YES!” The point of his story is to relate to us the idea that under false beliefs, we behave in ways we wouldn’t normally. 

The same is true in our relationship with Jesus. How many of us miss out on the miracle of knowing Jesus in the way that we were created to because we don’t truly know who He is? Throughout the Biography of Jesus...

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Son of God, Son of Man

Mar 07, 2022

We’re kicking off a brand new series at VFC: The Biography of Jesus. Throughout March and April, we’ll be discovering more about who Jesus is and what that means for us. We’re considering the question, “Who do you say that Jesus is?” and learning about His ways, How words, and who He truly is

 As we see throughout the Bible, Jesus was given lots of different titles throughout Scripture. He’s the Messiah. He’s the King. He’s the Lamb. He’s the High Priest. He’s the Son of David. He’s a Rabbi. 

 In her message, Son of God, Son of Man, Annie Spangler explores with us the details of these 2 titles Jesus holds to help us understand who He is on a deeper, more personal level. 

What’s in a Title?

 Titles help us know who somebody is; they describe a person. Understanding a person’s title gives insight to who they are, what their motives are, what they're like, and how your life...

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