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Father's Day: My Life Mandate + The Look of a Father

Jun 20, 2022

On Father’s Day we came together to honor all the dads in the house and we were blessed by messages from both Pastor Jeff and Pastor Eric! In their joint-effort Father’s Day message, both pastors highlight the unconditional, overwhelming, abundant love of our Heavenly Father and the magnitude of His grace and mercy toward us as His children. God is the perfect Father whose example is one for all of us to follow as we raise up families in accordance with His will. Amen!

8 Life Mandates

Pastor Jeff shared a word of encouragement in My Life Mandate that portrayed a simple roadmap on how to live life in the way that follows the path God intended for us. He highlighted how dads should carry themselves and lead their families on the path of righteousness and in the pursuit of Jesus. 

In his message, Pastor Jeff encourages us to develop our own mandates after asking ourselves, “How do I want to manage my household, my marriage, my life, and all the other elements of...

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