Valley Groups

We're better together.

We were created for community. Jesus invites us into relationship with Him and with one another! We can find joy, purpose and meaning as we do life together and sacrificially love and serve one another.

Our prayer is that we would be a generational church that you could find a family of faith in, grow up in and grow old in. Plug into a small group during our spring launch -- sign up by May 12!


Message Groups

Meet every other week in a group member’s home to build meaningful relationships and grow spiritually. You’ll discuss questions related to the weekend message, pray for one another -- and of course, share food together and have fun.


Discipleship Groups

These groups will meet every other week in someone's home or online to explore a particular curriculum-based topic that stands out to you. These groups will help you grow deeper roots in your faith with other Jesus followers.


Interest Groups

Meet weekly or every other week to connect with others around an activity or interest that you have in common. Think of this type of group as an easy way to build community and foster friendships.


Prayer Groups

Meet every week for a semester to partner with the Holy Spirit to pray for a variety of topics, including the people and ministries of VFC and the advancement of God’s Kingdom around the world.