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feed your faith

pastor beth and jeff jones

weekend message

Watch or re-watch the weekend message! Don't forget to download the sermon guide and follow along. 

Valley University Online

valley university online

Are you hungry to strengthen your faith and grow in your knowledge of God's Word? Enroll in Valley University Online.

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2021 bible plan

Read through selected books in the Bible together as a church family

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daily bible audio podcast

Join Pastors Jeff & Beth as they read the Bible -- one chapter at a time!


 sermon jams

Click these short sermon clips put to music to energize your faith! Then, share these links with a friend!


 micro books

Click through these short ebooks to build your faith -- then share the link with a friend!

>> pastor jeff jones | have you been hurt?

>> annie spangler | run to church

>> eric jones | run to the mountain

>> pastor beth jones | the gap is real

 additional resources

> video: todd bradfield on tithing

> video: who do I want to be?

> video: kurt leininger's story

> pdf: annual budget worksheet

> pdf: scriptures to meditate upon

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