vgroup registration info

How To Register For A VGroup


How to request registration for the VGroup of your choice:

STEP 1: Locate the VGroup you would like to join using the Group Finder Link below. You may search by Day of Week, Time of Day, Type (Season of Life, Support & Recovery, or Topical Studies), or Area of Town.  Please be sure to click on the group you are interested in to read the VGroup descriptions for any restrictions or other details of group membership.

VGroup Search Page.jpg

STEP 2: Click on the group you would like and select the “Email Leader” button.

VGroup Sign Up Landing Page Text.jpg

STEP 3: Email VGroup Signup by following the given example below...

Please include the following simple information in the body of your email:

  • Your first and last Name

  • Your best contact number

  • Whether or not you are willing and able to host the VGroup in your home

  • IF APPLICABLE - for those registering for a Married or Dating VGroup please note that couples must register and attend with their significant other. When registering,  simply include their first and last name in your request email.

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