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Wednesdays from 6:00-7:30pm | April 26 - May 7
Registration Deadline is April 23


Basics 101: This class is for those who want to grow in their relationship with God and set a solid foundation for their faith. It's for new believers and long-time Christians! Getting a Grip on the Basics is required reading that you can get at our VFC pop-up shop, but the class is free! Find more information and register by April 23rd here.

Gospels Deep Dive: In this class you will explore the amazing stories of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. You will take a deep dive into the incredible world of the Gospels, exploring the rich history, cultural and historical context, and meaning behind these important teachings on the life and ministry of Jesus. This class will highlight the stories, themes, and teachings of each Gospel, uncovering the unique perspectives and insights that each author brings to the table. Through this deep dive you will gain a fresh perspective on the Word of God and gain a new passion to read and understand the Bible for yourself. The cost is only $30 for 7 weeks and includes a book to supplement your learning. Find more information and register by April 23rd here. 

Biblical Keys to Flourish Financially: In this class, you will gain an understanding of God’s desire and plan for His people to prosper and be generous. As you dig into the Bible you will discover God's definition of prosperity, how the finished work of Jesus set us free in every area of life including your finances, and how you can walk out God's Biblical principles so you can flourish financially. This course will set you free and build your faith to live a blessed life! The cost is only $30 for 7 weeks and includes a book to supplement your learning.
 Find more information and register by April 23rd here.