text to give

Text To Give FAQ's

How does it work?

Simply send a text message with keyword space and amount to 269-326-4020. For example, to give $100 to Valley Family Church, text "VFC 100" to 269-326-4020.

There are three keywords you can use to text to give:

  1. “VFC” will give towards your normal tithes and offering. 

  2. "Local" will give towards the VFC mortgage reduction. 

  3. "Global" will give towards The Basics TV Outreach.

If this is the first time you text a gift, you will receive a text back with a link to a web page.

Important Note: Please make sure that your phone plan does not block SMS messages or short code phone numbers in order to register seamlessly and receive confirmation texts.

Open the link, login to your SecureGive account or create a new account and enter your debit or credit card information and you are done! 

When registration is complete, confirm your donation via text and you will receive a receipt for the gift via text message & email.

Any time you want to give after your initial registration, all you have to do is send a text message. Your card will automatically be deducted, and you will receive a receipt via text message and email.

Message and data rates may apply*

Are the keywords important or can I just text anything?
Yes. The keywords are important when wanting to give to a specific location such as tithes and offerings or The Basics With Beth Initiative.

Which kind of debit or credit card can I use?
Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Is the amount added to the phone bill?
No, the amount is not added to your phone bill, but is deducted from your debit or credit card.

How secure is this?
This solution is PCI Security Certified, and there is no data whatsoever stored on your phone. PCI is the industry security standard for credit and debit card statements, and includes a rigorous periodic security testing and audit of the entire system. For more information, see the following links:

What is the maximum amount I can give?
You can give any amount you want. The maximum limit depends on how much your bank will allow you to put on your card.

Will I be charged per text message?
The cost of sending and receiving the text message is determined by your cell phone provider. It normally is the same as sending a text message to your friend.

What are the requirements?
The system works with any mobile phone with SMS or texting ability. You do need to have a phone plan that allows texting. Also, Premium SMS or shortcode numbers must not be blocked on your plan.

To be able to do the initial registration on your phone, you will need to have internet access on your phone. If your phone can do text messaging, but does not have internet access, you can still use your phone to give, but the initial registration needs to be done on a web browser, either on a personal computer or on another device with a browser.

There is no software and no app that needs to be installed on your phone. No need to download software to the user's mobile phone. All you need is a normal mobile phone, and SMS Make sure your premium SMS or shortcode phone number is not blocked on your plan.

Do I need a smartphone?
Any phone that is capable of using text messages can be used. In order to register the first time, you must have a web browser, either on your phone, or you can register the first time on your computer.

Is the donation tax deductible?
As with all donations to Valley Family Church, donations are deductible as allowed by IRS 501(c) 3 rules.

What kind of receipt will I receive?
You will receive a receipt via text message as well as an email. At the end of the year, your donations will be included on the tax receipt letter for the year.

Does it work internationally?
At this point this system works for US subscribers only. If you have a US number and you are abroad - your text should go through just fine, depending on your cell phone's provider's terms and policies.

Once I have donated, can I undo it?
If you need a donation refund, just contact the church and we can work with SecureGive to get your donation refunded.

How can I unregister on unsubscribe?
Simply by texting STOP to 269-326-4020. You will then receive an acknowledgement that you have unregistered.

Can I send prayer requests or other inquiries through this system?
No. This is an automated system designed for donations only.

Can I change the credit card I am using to a different credit card?
This requires a web browser. Simply login to your SecureGive account and go to Profile, then Saved Payment Accounts, and edit the Default Account info as needed, and save!