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what's the plan?

As we are “reinventing” church it may look a little different, but Jesus is still Lord! Here’s the current plan for our “regatherings” at VFC — both in-person as well as online!

>> Throughout the summer, we are planning to hold our in-person church services on the last Sunday of the month as well as an in-person Worship Night the third Wednesday of the month. These services will be offered by reservation only due to social distancing guidelines and limited seating in the sanctuary.


For Sunday services, students will join the adults in the sanctuary, but we will offer kids ministry (birth - 5th grade) — or if you prefer, children ages 8 & up may sit with you in the sanctuary during service. Wednesday Worship Nights will be everyone together in the sanctuary, children 8 & up only please. (Note: kid's ministry will not be available during worship nights.) 

Your well-being is our top priority! VFC will employ health and social distancing measures for your safety and in consideration of all in attendance. 

There are two very important guidelines we ask all VFC’ers to follow:

>> MASKS | For the benefit of every guest, we ask everyone to wear a mask in the atrium and all public spaces - atrium, bathrooms, etc. In the sanctuary, masks are optional for the benefit of those who would like to sing.

>> HUGS AND HANDSHAKES | We are a loving group and we enjoy hugs, handshakes and the like, but for the comfort of others we ask that for now, you refrain and offer an “air hug” instead. (For more specific guidelines, please continue reading below.)

And, if you are not in a position to enjoy an in-person service for any reason (health, readiness, comfort, etc.) at this time, no problem, you can continue to gather with us online! We will continue to offer both online and in-person services -- as both are a vibrant part of our future together!



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