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                              2022 church builders campaign

As our church is in what we're calling "The Exchange Zone" -- we felt it was fitting to focus our yearly church builders campaign around setting our ministries and facilities up for success for the next 30 years. We must take the faith from one generation to the next and believe that in order to do so successfully, we have to steward all that God has entrusted to us so that we can go from strength to strength and glory to glory. Watch this video for all the details about our For The Future 2022 Church Builders Campaign including how much we are looking to raise, what we will put the additional funds towards and how you can be a part. We love you, church! Let's keep moving into the future together with strength and passion! The best is yet to come!


                      what are the finances being invested into? 


  • Continue broadcasting The Basics With Beth TV program into the 10/40 window in unreached places like Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, etc.

  • Reaching the world through being a featured contributor on, which is currently the #1 app for Christian content

  • Continue offering free Bible teaching resources: 27 language translations of “Getting a Grip on the Basics” book, weekly podcast, videos and social media


  • Valley Groceries weekly food distribution

  • Valley Groceries storage solutions and upgrades

  • Valley Groceries local community outreach event

  • Updated discipleship ministry teaching environments

  • Upgraded hospitality ministry environment

  • Renovated atrium with new technology, paint, carpet and furniture

  • Updated nursing mothers room and parents room

  • Upgraded VCrew hub lounge for our volunteers

  • New downspouts on the building

  • New security camera system

  • Updated HVAC system

  • Repaired cathedral stairs and balcony

  • Other building maintenance projects to keep stewarding our facilities

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