Getting A Grip On The Basics | 5th-7th Grade

Tuesday, June 5, 6:00 PM - Tuesday, July 24, 8:00 PM

As a church we exist to help people become committed followers of Jesus who get the Bible basics. We believe in the young people at VFC and we love to see them flourish in their relationship with the Lord and in their zeal and passion for reaching others and this all starts with building a strong foundation on the Basics. That's we we are offering a Getting A Grips On The Basics course for Kids. 

This eight week course started September 9th - October 28th from 6-8pm at VFC and your student can join at any time! The goal of this course is to take 5th, 6th and 7th graders on a journey through the Bible where they can discover the joy of a personal relationship with Jesus. They will also discover that God has a plan for their lives and that He is looking for students He can use to influence others. By looking up Bible verses and responding to relevant questions, students will discover the revelation truths of God's Word for themselves.

Some topics covered are:
How to be sure you're a Christian
How to know God
How to experience God's forgiveness
How to experience God's power
How to be used by God

*The Getting A Grip On The Basics For Kids workbook is required and can be purchased at The Basics With Beth center.

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