breakout year campaign


As a church family, we are believing God to raise $1 million dollars in our “over and above” giving campaign to reach people for Christ – both locally and globally through March ‘19 to March ‘20!

The green and blue graphic replica of the VFC building gives us a tangible vision board of VFC’s “2019 Breakout Year Campaign!” (Check out the giant vision display in the atrium!) Each dot on the vision board represents a light bulb. Each light bulb represents a pledge of $500. When our board is filled with 2,000 light bulbs, we will have reached our goal and the board will be completely lit!

The big question we are all praying about is: “Father, how many ‘light bulbs’ do you want me to light up through my 2019 pledge?

Break Out Year Campaign (1).png


Let us explain the campaign and the green and blue colors on the graphic. Each color represents those we are reaching for Jesus -- the green represents the local emphasis to reach people for Christ right here in Southwest Michigan and the blue represents the global emphasis to touch people around the world with the gospel basics. Check it out..


  • God has given us a strategic and historic location and incredible facilities to reach people for Christ for generations to come!

  • We will focus on reducing the principal on the mortgage this year as we pursue the ultimate goal of paying off the building over the next 7 years! Through your generous gifts, you will help to set up the next generation with a debt-free campus for gospel longevity and legacy in Kalamazoo County.

  • By reaching the $500k goal, you provide a jump start to paying off the VFC mortgage and making sure the facilities are positioned to continue helping adults, students, kids and grandkids “get the Bible basics to live the joyful life and do the eternal stuff” throughout Southwest Michigan.


  • God has given us the opportunity to take the Bible basics that have shaped our church to the whole world through The Basics with Beth TV program airing daily on the Hillsong Channel and weekly on Daystar and TBN Middle East.

  • In addition to the TV program, podcasts available through iTunes and Spotify and classes offered through The Basics University online learning platform are being made available to people around the world. To date, there have been over 57,540 downloads and with your help those downloads will continue to grow. There are also over 7,000 people connected to the Basics University Online platform who are being discipled in the basics of God’s Word by receiving  free devotionals and/or subscribing to our online courses.

  • By reaching the $500k goal, you help continue broadcasting The Basics on TV, expand the podcast and make The Basics University available globally to anyone with an internet connection. The world is desperate to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and learn how to grow in their faith, but they need our help. Your gift makes all of this possible by leveraging technology and making it easy for them to hear the Good News. Through your global outreach gift, you will be directly helping people “get the Bible basics to live the joyful life and do the eternal stuff” around the world.

When all of us work together, each of us doing our part, we will achieve our goal. Pledge cards will be received throughout the year, you can join in anytime!

Together, through the “Breakout Year Campaign,” we can expand our eternal influence for Jesus both locally and globally! Check out what the Lord did through your giving in 2018!

Thanks for living out the VFC core value, “Generosity Defines Us!”

Stories of Impact:

Check out these stories of what God has been doing because of your support. We know that its God who does this work, but we want you to know that HE IS USING YOU to do it!

Local Note.jpg

“I’m currently on 8 week of Getting a Grip on the Basics in The Basics University -- and I’m so glad that the Lord placed this course on my heart. I have learned so much and gained so much understanding. I have grown massively the last 8 weeks, and in confidence too. So much so everyone is commenting on my growth. I am able to engage in conversations and encourage others with confidence. Cannot thank The Basics Team enough for this course.” - Ireland

“The Word of God is taught with such relevance, clarity, and in a fun way that is easy to understand! VFC is a place where our three boys love going to church each week and for that, we are eternally grateful!” - Kalamazoo

“I like how you teach your TV lessons with modern day examples and with straight-forward answers that make me understand and smile at the same time. It's "real God" stuff and I am positive people around the world are learning and being saved through your teachings.” - Watching via Hillsong Channel

“We arrived as Christians that had been warming “pews” to mark the box for church attendance.  Since then, we have grown in our relationship with Jesus and it has changed how we live our everyday life. The teaching we have received has helped us mature into strong Christians who are able to withstand the trials and tribulations of life and still keep our eyes focused on the Lord.” - Kalamazoo

“700 men from a maximum security prison in Uganda received translated copies of the Getting A Grip on the Basics book and a Bible! Thank you all for the prayers, support, donations and love that has helped us take “the basics” global and impact people EVERYWHERE for Jesus!” - Uganda

“Each week, relevant Biblical Truth is shared and there are plenty of opportunities to grow your Faith. VFC is a place that your children and grandchildren will want to come to learn about God. Thank you for investing in the next generation.” - Kalamazoo

Stories of Giving:

Check out these stories of what God is able to do when a group of people take Him at His Word and give of their treasures to see the will and work of God done in the earth.

The Challenge:

Will you accept the challenge? Will you allow the vision to inspire you? Will you do your part to secure the future and impact the world with the Bible basics? As we work together, we can make an eternal difference, locally and globally, all from “Oh Little Town of Kalamazoo!”