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The Getting a Grip on the Basics course launched September 9th - but you can join at anytime! 

Do you have a hunger to know God more? Do you want to get involved at Valley Family Church? Do you want to meet other people who are passionate about their relationship with God? You’re one Next Step is to sign up to take the Getting a Grip on the Basics Course!

In 1990, Pastors Jeff and Beth Jones first taught the Getting a Grip on the Basics class from their kitchen table. Since then, Valley Family Church has always been about the basics. For the first 20 years as a church, everyone who wanted to get involved at VFC took the Getting a Grip on the Basics course to strengthen their faith and so that we were all on the same page when it comes to the basics of our faith. It was, and is, a foundational course for every Christian, whether you’ve known the Lord for 2 minutes or 20 years.

We are thrilled to bring this class back to Valley Family Church in the original way it was taught. Whether you’re a new Christian or a seasoned believer, if you want to grow in your faith, refresh yourself in the basics, become a member at VFC or serve as a volunteer on the VCrew -- there’s just ONE step: Take Getting a Grip on the Basics!

In the course, we cover questions like:

  • How to be sure you’re a Christian

  • How to pray

  • How to hear from God

  • How to be filled with the Spirit

  • And more!

If you’re ready to grow in your faith, be strengthened in your beliefs, and meet new people throughout the process then sign up for Getting a Grip on the Basics today! 

We are offering this FREE course in two easy formats:


You can take it “live” every Sunday morning at 9 or 11am at Valley Family Church. Over this 13 week course, you’ll go through the “Getting A Grip on The Basics” book written by Pastor Beth and grow in your faith with a group of VFC-ers! Grab a friend and sign up to take the course live every Sunday morning. If you need to miss a live class, you can make it up through our online option! 


If taking the course live doesn't work for you, we'll be offering an "on demand" option where you can take it completely online with 24/7 access - anywhere, anytime. Through a series of brand new video teachings from Pastor Beth, you'll be encouraged in your walk with God through this virtual classroom. You'll also be able to jump into discussion with other students taking the course. 


How much does the course cost?
It is FREE! We know this course will help you grow spiritually and give you a solid foundation in your faith, so we’re offering this course completely free!

It is not required, but it is recommended that you purchase the Getting a Grip on the Basic book so you can follow along with the teaching either online (just click here) or at the Basics Center in the atrium for only $10.

When and where are the courses held?
The Live course will be held at Valley Family Church every Sunday morning at 9 or 11am in The Basics Classroom located on the north side of the building (we’ll give you all of the details when you sign up!) The course launched on September 9th and will run for 13 consecutive weeks. But you can join at ANYTIME, we have new students joining the class each week. The Online course is held whenever it’s convenient for you! That’s the beauty of the on demand option!

What if I can’t make it to all of the Live classes?
That’s okay! You can “make up” the class you missed through the Online option. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to grow in your understanding of who God is and what His Word says, so we’ve made the Online option open to anyone. Simply sign up for an account and watch the lesson you missed. If you need, you can choose the hybrid option and take some classes live and some online.

How often do these courses launch and can I join at anytime?
The Live course will launch three times throughout the year in September, January and May, and will run for 13 consecutive weeks. YES - YOU CAN JOIN AT ANYTIME! Whether you want to start at week 1 or can’t begin until week 4 that’s okay! You can hop right into the live class and either 1) make up for the weeks you missed online or 2) continue with the class until you loop around to the week you started at. We want to make this VGrowth Track as easy as possible - so don’t hesitate. Jump into the course today!

How do I register for this course?
Simply register online using the buttons above, or at the Basics Resource Center on Sunday morning.

What will I learn throughout this course?
This class is all about the BASICS and strengthening your foundation of faith. We’ll cover topics like, how to know for sure you’re a Christian, how to pray, how to hear from God, how to develop your faith, how to be an overcomer, how to live the abundant life, how to be filled with the Spirit, and more!

Who will be teaching the course?
This course is taught by Pastor Beth either in person or through a series of videos. We will also have a variety of other instructors and facilitators to help with the course.

I’ve already taken Getting a Grip on the Basics, do I need to take it again?
We highly encourage EVERYONE to take the class, whether it’s your first time or you’ve taken it before. Technically, you don't have to take it again, but why not refresh yourself in the basics? There is always more to learn and understand in the Lord and we know you’ll be strengthened in your beliefs even more by taking this class again. Plus, by strengthening your own relationship with God and understanding of the basics of your faith, you’ll feel more equipped to help others grow in their relationship with God. We know many people who have taken the class multiple times and they always come back with testimonies of what God is teaching them!