vgroup faqs

What Types of VGroups Do You Offer?

Season of Life VGroups meet once a month in someone's home to build community, create meaningful friendships and grow spiritually. Everyone is welcome. Choose from any of the following VGroups: 

  • Married Couples

  • Married & Dating Couples

  • Singles

  • Men’s

  • Women’s

  • College/Career

  • VOX Youth (8th-12th Grade)

Support & Recovery VGroups meet every other week in someone's home to connect, grow, and heal while recovering from the challenges of life. Everyone is welcome. Choose from any of the following VGroups offered this fall: 

  • Financial Peace University

  • Navigating A Blended Family

  • Health & Healing

Prayer VGroups are small groups who pray together weekly at VFC around a specific topic such as:

  • Israel & the Nations

  • Kids & Students

  • The Basics With Beth

  • Outreach

  • The Congregation

  • Pray for the House (VFC Staff, VCrew Members, Ministries)

  • Weekend Services

When And Where Does A VGroup Meet?

Our VGroups meet Monday through Friday throughout the Southwest Michigan area in a home of a group member. Season of Life VGroups meet once a month. Support & Recovery VGroups meet every other week. Prayer VGroups meet weekly.

Is Childcare Provided?

Childcare is not provided by the church. Some of our groups split the cost for a babysitter, some of our groups don’t offer any type of childcare, and some make other arrangements. Since VGroups meet once a month, many of our married couples treat this like a date night and find their own babysitter.

Can I Join A VGroup At Any Time?

New groups start and stop three times a year; spring, summer and fall, in what we refer to as “launches”. You’ll hear more about these launches during weekend services as we gear up for them.

How Will I Know Who Is In My VGroup?

Upon registration you may choose up to two other individuals or couples you would like to have in your group. We will group you with at least one of your requests, helping to create a better VGroup experience for you.

What To Expect At VGroup Connect

Before your VGroup starts, we offer a “VGroup Connect” gathering that takes place for 20 minutes on a Sunday morning. After the Sunday 9am service you can meet your VGroup Leader and some of the members in your new VGroup. If you find the fits not right, no problem. Just swap VGroups! More info on VGroup Connect will be emailed to you after you sign up for a group.