discover the vfc culture

Culture is often defined as the understood personality, language, values, behaviors and beliefs of a particular group of people. The VFC culture is a combination of all of these things and is a blending of our Mission, Vision, Core Values, Priorities and Motto. It is the DNA of our church and it permeates our kids, student and adult ministries and outreach. Take a look...

Our Mission

We exist to help people become devoted followers of Jesus who get the Bible basics, live the faith life and do the eternal stuff

Our Vision

We see a large family church with a global teaching impact where people get the basics, live the life and do the stuff.

Our Core Values


JESUS IS MY LORD NOT MY RELIGION: We are devoted followers of Jesus. We are growing in our relationship with Him and the basics of His Word. (Colossians 1) #getthebasics

WE'RE NOT PERFECT, BUT HE'S NOT DONE: We are all a work in progress. We are humble, teachable, self-aware and being transformed by wisdom from above to live a life pleasing to the Lord. (Romans 12, James 3) #getthebasics

LIFE IS SHORT CHURCH SHOULD BE FUN: We are happy and we show it. We love the Lord, His people, His Church and His Word so it's easy to laugh and be a joyful, fun, optimistic, positive, friendly and cheerful person and church. (Philippians 4) #livethelife

GENEROSITY DEFINES US BECAUSE IT DEFINES HIM: We are rooted in love. We know and believe God loves us so we are free to generously love, give, serve others. (1 John 4) #livethelife

WE CAN MAKE AN ETERNAL DIFFERENCE ONE PERSON AT A TIME: We are impacting our sphere of influence. We walk and talk the good news of Jesus to make an eternal difference in people's lives in every way we can. (Romans 10:13-15, 2 Timothy 2:2) #dothestuff 

WE ALL SCREAM GREEN BECAUSE UNITY IS OUR THEME: We are lovers of the Church. We are unified and aligned to use our gifts of time, talents and tithe to build His church and carry the VFC culture. (Matthew 16) #dothestuff 

Our Priorities


Weekend Services

We believe we should give our very best to God and those who attend each weekend, so we focus on making our worship services top notch - full of awesome worship, great joy and an incredible message from God's Word.

Equip & Train

We love to see people growing in their own walk with the Lord and then sharing what they learn with others in their sphere of influence. We are focused on offering both live and on-demand classes, programs and events to train and mentor believers to be fully devoted and reproductive followers of Christ.


We are committed to helping every boy and girl hear about Jesus and His love for them; as well as helping them to grow in their childlike faith. When kids connect with an awesome children's ministry, they often are the catalyst for their parents and whole family to begin attending church.


We believe in the young people at VFC and we love to see them flourish in their relationship with the Lord and in their zeal and passion for reaching others. Focusing on excellent student ministry for Middle School, High School and College students is critical for growing a lasting, vibrant church. 


We are passionate about taking the gospel beyond the four walls of the church. We know we can't do every outreach idea that comes to mind, but we can make sure the ones we do are done with excellence to have the greatest impact.

Our Tag

Get the basics. Live the life. Do the stuff.

To read up on our Statement of Faith, click here: What We Believe