Valley Growth Track

Valley Growth Track

*The new Valley Growth Track is launching in September, so check back soon for more details!*

Whether it's your first time to church or you've been calling VFC home for years, we have found that most people often want to know the answers to these 3 questions:

Where do I START?

How do I JOIN?

How do I GROW?

It turns out, the answers to these questions make up our growth track. We have put a lot of thought, prayer and effort into creating an on-demand, online experience for you to START, JOIN and GROW at VFC. Here's why:


We know you are busy and not looking for more meetings to fill your already busy calendar -- we agree, unless meetings are meaningful and necessary, we don't want to burden you.

However, we do want you to have every opportunity to start in your faith walk and in connecting with others at VFC. 

We do want you to have the opportunity to join VFC and connect with the amazing army of volunteers on the VCrew.

We do want you to have access to every resource and opportunity for your spiritual growth.


Where do I start? The best way to start at VFC is by clicking here: START

How do I join? The way to join VFC is by clicking here: JOIN

How do I grow? Your opportunity to grow in life and leadership at VFC can be discovered by clicking here: GROW