Upcoming Series: Who's Preaching on What?

Faith Adventures to the Land of God's Thumbprint

God has an amazing faith adventure with your name on it! How would you like to arrive in the Land of God's Thumbprint? Get ready to take a journey to Prayerville, Promiseville, around Doubtville, through Actionville and past Patienceville and you'll arrive right smack dab in the middle of God's will! You have a call and course designed by the creator of the universe. Discover the incredible life God has prepared for you in our September series "Faith Adventures to the Land of God's Thumbprint" with Pastor Beth Jones!

  • Part 1: Prayerville
  • Part 2: Promiseville
  • Part 3: Doubtville
  • Part 4: Actionville
  • Part 5: Patienceville