The Boom Network

The Boom Network

Friends Don't Let Friends Do Ministry Alone

Imagine two events a year where you get to be with people who “get” your life––peers in ministry––a “tribe”––who love Jesus, are passionate about building His Church and like to have fun! 

How about we meet once a year to “do something fun” like, go on an Alaskan cruise, golf in Palm Springs, snorkel in the Bahamas or go shopping in New York City––all for the purpose of cultivating friendships, spending time with the Lord, letting down your hair, having fun, resetting your dials and being reminded you are not alone in the valuable work you do.

Then, let’s meet one more time each year at a BOOM Network Member’s church to “sharpen your ax” through hearing from seasoned leaders and engaging in round table discussion and peer learning. Topics discussed would include: growing a church, getting the right building, developing your staff, dealing with cultural changes, making disciples and a million other things. (Not to mention the creative ideas you get by just visiting other churches and seeing how others do ministry.)

Okay, but that’s not all. BOOM Members will also receive access to free video, graphic and administrative resources (on a special website) and discounts on products. In addition, BOOM Members will be eligible to take advantage of opportunities for you and your team to attend camps, conferences and retreats, and insider access to connect with other BOOM members. Imagine all of the things mentioned, not just for yourself––but also for your spouse, your kids, your leadership team and the kids of your staff pastors! Ready to expand your circle of friends and to see your family and staff connecting with others who serve in parallel roles in churches around the world? Can you see it?

Don't do ministry alone. Visit and find your people today!