The Incredibles | The Life of Joseph | Eric Jones

The Incredibles

It’s been too long, dahlings...that’s why we’re bringing The Incredibles to Valley Family Church. Every Sunday in July, we’re taking a look at ordinary, everyday people from the Bible who were called into action to do extraordinary (i mean...incredible!) things for God. They knew how to tap into God’s super power back in the day and it's time we put on our super suits and learned their secrets to mold and shape our own world today! And that’s not all… on July 12th we’ve got a family movie night in the works, and on July 29th a night of worship - there is fun planned for the whole family! So suit up, let’s get back to being incredible!

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    The Incredibles | A Future Of Promise | Olivia Moore
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    The Incredibles | David and Goliath | Pastor Richard Pilger
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    The Incredibles | The Life of Joseph | Eric Jones
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