People often ask, "How can I grow in my faith? How can I learn the basics of the Bible? How can I develop as a leader?" through The Basics University online, the sky is the limit to your spiritual growth!

Your Seeds of Greatness: Grow them.

You were born for greatness! Knowing Jesus personally and growing in your relationship with Him is foundational to living the great life God has for you. Being trained and equipped as a leader to impact those in your sphere of influence is an even greater thrill! 

Your greatest days are ahead so now is the time to pursue your own spiritual growth in a systematic, step-by-step way. When you commit to an intentional process for your own development, growth and influence you will see significant progress.

To empower you, we offer a variety of on-demand courses and growth options through The Basics University Online. Through these numerous online courses you have the opportunity to grow from your laptop or mobile phone in the comfort of your own home, at a coffee shop or when hanging out with a group of friends. To learn more and to enroll, just click the button below.

What Now?

Congratulations, you're on your way to a lifetime of enjoying all of the GROW options!

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