Get it Groups

Join A Get It Group - Our Version Of Small Groups

It would be easy to slip in and slip out each weekend at VFC without ever finding your "people." But, we were never meant to do this journey alone, so we've created GIGs (Get It Groups). GIGs are designed to bring the people of VFC together, to build personal relationships and pursue spiritual growth. Being a part of a GIG is the best way to help a big church feel small!

GIGs are small groups of people (8-16 adults) drawn together by a particular stage of life who meet once a month for one year in someone's home to "get" connected relationally, grow spiritually and "get" the weekend message. They are for adults of all ages, stages of life and spiritual maturity.

The purpose of GIGs is to truly help people "get it" - so time together will be spent discussing a few questions pertinent to the weekend message, encouraging & praying for one another and having fun!

Registration for GIGs launching this spring is now OPEN. 

Our goal is to place everyone in a GIG where there is common ground. So, we offer GIGs for adults in various stages of life:

Married Couples GIG
Married Couples GIGs include couples in the same stage of life –married couples without kids (ages 18-26), couples raising Preschool/Elementary age kids, couples raising Middle/High School/College age kids and Empty Nesters. We also offer a few married GIGS that have a mix of couples in different stages of life.

Men's GIG (Married, Single, Divorced, Widowed)
Men’s GIGs are made of a mix of men at different stages of life, including married, single, divorced and widowed.

Women's GIG (Married, Single, Divorced, Widowed)
Women’s GIGs are made of a mix of women at different stages of life, including married, single, divorced and widowed.

College/Career GIG (Young Adults ages 18-26)
College/Career Age GIGs are comprised of young adults ages 18-26 from the southwest Michigan area. Each group is either all men or all women.

VOX Youth GIGs are made of 8th-12th grade students from southwest Michigan. Each group is made up of either all guys or all girls.

Support and Recovery GIG
Support and Recovery GIGs provide a place where men and women can come to connect, grow and heal while recovering from the challenges of life. These groups meet bi-monthly and last the duration of the topical material, usually 4-6 months. They offer support on specific topics such as divorce recovery, overcoming grief, freedom from addiction, navigating blended families and marriage restoration.

Hispanic GIG
Our Hispanic Mixed Group GIG includes Spanish speaking people as well as those who are Bilingual of all ages & seasons of life.

Whether you are in a Women's GIG, Men's GIG, a Married Couples GIG, Singles GIG or College/Career GIG our small groups are a place where life change happens. 

Can I join a GIG at any time?
Get It Groups are formed in three launches every year. You will need to register for a GIG at the beginning of the launch you plan to attend. The launches take place in the fall, winter and spring. We will keep you informed about our registration dates through the church website, in service announcements, and through social media. If you are interested in joining a GIG...

1. Complete a quick registration and we'll get you connected to the group that best fits you. 
2. Participate in GIG Sync; a fun innovative way to meet you new GIG leader(s) and those that will be joining your GIG. 
3. Attend your first new GIG meeting!

Is childcare provided?

Childcare is not provided by the church. Some of our groups split the cost for a baby sitter, some of our groups don’t offer any type of childcare, and some make other arrangements. Since GIGs meet once a month, many of our married couples treat this like a date night and find their own babysitter.

How long does each GIG meet for?

Each GIG meets for an hour and half to two hours, one time per month for a year.

To find more information or for any questions about GIGs (Get It Groups) contact