Core Values

Our Core Values


Great God

We All Scream Green: We understand that church is not about our personal preferences - but about His desires. We believe God has called our Pastors Jeff and Beth Jones to pioneer Valley Family Church and to lead our church. So, we gladly wear the VFC "green jersey" and are unified under the one vision God has given to our Pastors. (Psalm 133)

We Have The Advantage: Because it's not by might or by our power, but by the Spirit's power, we pray, listen and follow His guidance and He gives us the advantage to live and succeed in life. 

Great Love

We Are Loved To Love Others: Because we are loved by God, we experience forgiveness, acceptance and welcome His truth. We are compelled to share His forgiveness, acceptance and truth with others. 

We Want Generosity To Define Us: Because Jesus generously gave His life for us, we want generosity to define us by giving our time, talents and treasures to further His cause and to help others.

Great Joy

We Know Life Is Short, So Church Should Be Fun: Because compared to eternity, life on earth is short; so we believe church should be a place where fun, laughter, refreshing and joy abound.

We Let The Queen of Sheba Inspire Us: Because the Queen of Sheba was so inspired by the details, excellence, innovation, creativity and happiness when she visited Solomon’s kingdom, we want our church to be inspiring in those area for those who visit.

Great Faith

We Love the Basics: Because we believe spiritual maturity comes from being established in the basics, we are stay rooted in the basics and we help people grow in their faith by staying focused on the basics of God’s Word. 

We Live By Faith: Because faith pleases God, we take Him at His Word and live out the faith adventure of believing Him for big things.

Great Commandment

We’re Becoming More Like Christ: Because we love the Lord our God, we have a desire to please Him, worship Him and become more like Christ.

We Love The Church Jesus Loves: Because we love Jesus and the things He loves, we have a heart for His house and we do everything in our power to build up His Church by serving, protecting and participating. 

Great Commission

We Influence Our Sphere: Because eternity is a long time, we want everyone to know Jesus and go to heaven so we do our best to share the gospel through our lifestyle, words, service and love. 

We Are Building a Movement Not a Monument: Because God sees things through the lens of legacy and generations, we keep an eternal perspective as we multiply, grow and expand locally and globally.