Core Values

Our Core Values

We Champion The Church: Jesus loves His Church - people, not the steeple. In fact, it's the only thing He gave His life for. So, we have His heart for His house and we align our lives with His primary purpose - building His Church! (Matthew 16)

We All Scream Green: We understand that church is not about our personal preferences - but about His desires. We believe God has called our Pastors Jeff and Beth Jones to pioneer Valley Family Church and to lead our church. So, we gladly wear the VFC "green jersey" and are unified under the one vision God has given to our Pastors. (Psalm 133)

We Live By Six Greats: We love being a church where God's great love and great joy abound; being people who live by great faith, live for the great commission and live out the great commandment - and doing all of this by the power of the Greater One. (1 John 4)

We Are An Active Family: In a family, everyone belongs, is growing and feels valuable as they participate, connect with one another and eventually reproduce. So, we all belong here at VFC! We find great value in using our God given talents to serve and connect with one another and to expand God's family by inviting others to church. (Ephesians 4)

The Spirit Of Innovation And Excellence Inspires Us: In the same way that the Queen of Sheba was left breathless when she saw the excellence of God's House. We believe in being current, excellent and innovative in every area of life. So, we pay attention to details, are forward thinking, employ creativity and use various forms of media and technology to reach people for Christ. (1 Kings 10)

We Are A Work In Progress: We know no one is perfect, but we desire to live a life pleasing to the Lord and consistent with His Word in an ever changing culture. So, prayer, learning from others in a spirit of humility and being teachable keeps us unapologetically dependent on God and always growing. (1 Peter 5)

We Speak Life: We believe words have power - the power of life and death. So, we choose to speak words of life, love, faith and encouragement towards one another, our church and others. (Proverbs 18)

Generosity Defines Us: God loves cheerful givers. So, we are known for generosity in our personal giving, in caring for one another, in giving to our community and those in need around the world. (Isaiah 32)

Church Should Be Fun: We believe Jesus wants His Church to be full of joy. So, this is a place of refreshing, where worship and learning God's Word is fun. VFC is a place of laughter, love, hope, acceptance, freedom and forgiveness! (Psalm 100)

We Are Building A Movement Not a Monument: Eternity is a long time. We take God, His Word, His Church and the Great Commission seriously. So, we are focused on constant change and continual growth and we are always focused on reaching people for Christ and expanding our influence for the gospel. (Acts 12)