Sundays: The Best Day of the Week

We are biased, but we think the weekend services at VFC are amazing! That's because we have a great God and as we worship Jesus, He's always present to pour out His love, wisdom, and encouragement upon us each weekend. One of the things we love about Sundays is the excitement and energy you can feel as we gather to worship the Lord, see friends, meet new people, hear God's Word and hang out. There is something for everyone of all ages. We love Sundays and we think you will, too! Join us at 9am or 11am. (To keep up with the weekly action at VFC, just follow us on Facebook.)

Kids and Students

Kids and Students: Something for Everyone

God has a good plan for kids of every age! That's one reason the staff and volunteers who serve in our Kidamazoo Kid's Ministry, Flex Club Middle School Ministry and VOX High School Ministry work so hard. They are committed to empowering kids and students to live the life God created them to live. Your kids and students will fit right in and they'll love it! (Follow Kidamazoo, FlexClubVFC and VOXYouth on Facebook.)

Valley Growth Track

Valley Growth Track: Start. Join. Grow.

When people attend VFC they usually ask 3 questions: Where do I start? How do I join? How can I grow? The Valley Growth Track answers all of those questions. You'll learn where to start in your journey of faith and in being a part of VFC. You'll learn how to join VFC and one of our volunteer VCrew teams. You'll learn how to grow in your faith and knowledge of God's Word through the Basics University online. 


VGroups: Start

VGroups are the small group ministry at VFC. How does a large church do big things to impact our community, yet enjoy the benefits of being connected and feeling small? Through VGroups! Our VGroups small group ministry offers dozens of groups throughout Southwest Michigan where people in similar seasons of life can meet together once a month to build relationships and grow spiritually. We offer Message Based Groups, Support Groups and Prayer Groups. VGroups are the best way to get out of the "row" and find your "circle" of friends! We invite you to join the next launch of VGroups.


VCrew: Join

The VCrew are the members of Valley Family Church -- a huge army of servant-hearted volunteers. Being a part of the volunteer VCrew Team is the way you "join" VFC -- this is where the action is at and where lifelong friendships are made! It takes hundreds of servant-hearted people to make Sundays happen, as well as all of the other ministries that happen throughout the week. Becoming a volunteer VCrew member is one of the best ways to connect with your God-given gifts, have fun and be a vital member of VFC.