About Us

Our Pastors

Pastors Jeff and Beth Jones started Valley Family Church in 1991 with a God given vision to make an eternal difference in southwest Michigan. As a husband and wife team, they lead the charge together and are committed to championing the local church. 

Our message has stayed consistent and can be summarized as one of abundant life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit and through faith in God's Word. 

On behalf of Pastors Jeff and Beth, we warmly invite you to join us this Sunday at 9:00 and 11:00am. We would love to meet you!

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Our Mission

At VFC, our mission statement is short, sweet and defines us well: "We exist so people get it."

You were made for more. We live in a culture where a lot of people don't get that God has more for them. Deep down, most people are looking for love, forgiveness, acceptance, approval, a sense of belonging and the reality of a transformed life. That's what we're all about.

Jesus gets us. That's why He offers everyone love, forgiveness, acceptance, approval, a sense of belonging and the opportunity to experience a transformed life.

That's why we exist...to help people get it.

Our Vision

We see a growing group of people so secure in God and their relationship with Him that they love, serve and give to others as a way of life.

Love: The greatest thing is love. We love God and we love others.
Serve: The greatest people in God's kingdom are the servants of all. We serve God and we serve others.
Give: The greatest thing we can do for God is give our lives - our time, energy, wealth, possessions and love - to Him and His purposes. We give ourselves to God and we give what we have to help others. 

Our Code

Our Code is the lingo behind the "why" of how we do church. When we experience God's love, acceptance, approval, a sense of belonging and real transformation there is a tremendous amount of unity around our core values - our Code. 

Valley Family Church is a place for you to call home and come just as you are. Our Code helps create the culture of our church, one where everyone is accepted, loved and a part of what God's doing here in southwest Michigan. 

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Our Priorities

Weekend Worship Services: Our services provide heartfelt worship and anointed teaching of the Word of God.
Reaching Kids:  We are committed to helping every boy and girl hear about Jesus and His love for them.
Impacting Students: Our team is passionate about helping middle school and high school students connect with God.
Equipping and Training All Generations:  We offer classes, programs and events to train and mentor all believers.
Loving Our Community Through Outreach Events: Taking the gospel outside of the four walls of the church is front and center to us.